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Senior Seminar Program

UCSD began offering one-unit Senior Seminars (192) during Fall Quarter 2006. These seminars provide upper division students with an opportunity to meet with faculty in a small class environment. Senior Seminars carry one unit credit, graded P/NP, meet for 8-10 hours during a quarter, and are limited to 20 students. The seminars are taught by faculty in their fields of expertise and explore topics of intellectual importance while participating in critical discussion with a small group of peers and faculty. Students may complete up to four Senior Seminars with the stipulation that none of the Seminars are repeated. If students are interested in taking two Senior Seminars in one department, please use the campus Virtual Advising Center, VAC to contact the department for guidelines on how many Senior Seminars may be taken within that department.

To enroll in these seminars, use the campus Course Pre-Authorization system to be cleared to add a seminar, then use WebReg during your enrollment time to finalize enrollment.

Visit the Quarterly Seminar Course Listings to see course descriptions

What do you get out of a Senior Seminar?

  • Small, informal classes (20-student limit);
  • An opportunity to strengthen relationships with faculty members;
  • An opportunity to earn 1 unit of credit on a P/NP basis. You may enroll in several different seminars during your academic career.

What is expected of you in a Senior Seminar?

  • Attendance is an important factor in your learning due to the reduced workload of a 1-unit course;
  • Senior Seminars may require readings, projects, short papers, or quizzes;
  • It is anticipated that 1-2 hours of work per week can be expected outside of the seminar;
  • Senior Seminars meet for 8 to 10 hours during the quarter (most seminars meet once a week).

Read the Senior Seminar Program press release pdf

Please use the campus Virtual Advising Center, VAC to contact the advisor of the department or program offering the seminar for all non-enrollment questions. Questions about the program can be directed to April Burcham (x25855) in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education.