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Fall Quarter 2019 Enrollment Information

DayMeeting TimeDept./Prg./Coll.Seminar Title
Mondays10:00 a.m.AnthropologyDiscover Biological Anthropology
Thursdays2:00 p.m.BioengineeringEngineering the Heart
Tuesdays1:00 p.m.Biological SciencesEarth's Fragile Biosphere
Thursdays1:00 p.m.Biological SciencesThe Philosophy of Science and the Science of the Supernatural
Wednesdays2:00 p.m.Chemistry & BiochemistryTeaching Science: The Challenge
Mondays12:00 p.m.Cognitive ScienceHow Minds and Groups Make Religion and Superstition
Wednesdays11:00 a.m.Cognitive ScienceHow to Be a Cognitive Scientist
Wednesdays9:00 a.m.Computer Science & EngineeringNeural Networks as Models of the Mind
Tuesdays3:00 p.m.Environmental StudiesGod, Satan, and the Desert - $95 field trip fee required
Tuesdays2:00 p.m.Environmental StudiesSacred Mountain (required field trip fee $95) - 15 student limit
Tuesdays5:30 p.m.Film StudiesAging and Film
Tuesdays11:00 a.m.Film StudiesBanned films
Thursdays11:00 a.m.Film StudiesCult Films of 1950s-2000s
Thursdays12:00 p.m.Film StudiesFantasy, Sci Fi, & Horror: the Last 60 Years
Tuesdays10:00 a.m.Film StudiesWhat Film Could Teach Us About Life
Thursdays4:00 p.m.HistoryWhat Is Socialism? (And What Isn't)
ThursdaysCancelledHistoryWhy Do Europeans Love and Hate America?
Thursdays12:30 p.m.LiteratureDigital Intimacies
Fridays12:00 p.m.LiteratureDystopia in Film and Literature
Wednesdays1:00 p.m.LiteraturePerforming Stand-up Comedy
Wednesday3:00 p.m.MathematicsMath in the Movies
Fridays11:00 a.m.MathematicsTeaching Math: The Challenge
Tuesdays2:00 p.m.MusicBeauty in Madness: Critiquing the Operatic Mad Scene
Thursdays12:30 p.m.Philosophy#OurTech: Building The Web That We Want
Mondays2:00 p.m.PhysicsFrom Quarks to Cosmos
Thursdays2:00 p.m.PhysicsThinking Like a Physicist
Wednesdays2:00 p.m.Political ScienceCurrent Foreign Policy Crises
Tuesdays9:00 a.m.Scripps Institution of OceanographyAn Introduction to Volcanoes
Thusdays2:00 p.m.Sixth CollegeExperiencing Space: From Architecture to Neuroscience
WednesdaysCancelledSociologyGlobalization and the exploitation of childhood
Mondays1:00 p.m.SociologyRelationships in the Digital Age
WednesdaysCancelledSociologySeeing the Invisible: How Gender and Sexuality Shape Opportunity
WednesdaysCancelledTheatre & DanceArchitecture and Design of UCSD campus
Tuesdays1:00 p.m.Theatre & DanceThe Broadway Musical: An Introduction
Mondays6:00 p.m.Warren CollegeVR visualization of macromolecules and their interactions with drugs in 3D