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Fall Quarter 2017 Enrollment Information

DayMeeting TimeDept./Prg./Coll.Seminar Title
Mondays12:00 p.m.AnthropologyDiscover Anthropology
Mondays12:00 p.m.PhilosophyA Lost Work of Greek Philosophy
Mondays1:00 p.m.PhysicsIntroduction to LaTeX: typeset your own science/engineering papers
Mondays2:00 p.m.HistoryPiracy in Popular Culture
Mondays2:00 p.m.LiteratureTelevision and American Identity
Mondays2:00 p.m.Scripps Institution of OceanographyWeather in San Diego
Mondays3:00 p.m.Scripps Institution of OceanographyAn Introduction to Volcanoes
Tuesdays1:00 p.m.Biological SciencesEarth's Fragile Biosphere
Tuesdays2:00 p.m.Eleanor Roosevelt CollegeDisability and the Struggle for Inclusion
Tuesdays3:00 p.m.Eleanor Roosevelt CollegeGod, Satan, and the Desert - $95 field trip fee required
Tuesdays5:00 p.m.MusicAnatomy of the Groove
Wednesdays9:00 a.m.Computer Science & EngineeringNeural Networks as Models of the Mind
Wednesdays10:00 a.m.Critical Gender StudiesIntroduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies
Wednesdays11:00 a.m.LiteratureZombies: An Unnatural History
Wednesdays1:00 p.m.HistoryA Teenage Spy in British India: Reading Kipling's Kim
Wednesdays2:00 p.m.LiteratureDystopia in Film and Literature
Wednesdays3:00 p.m.Cognitive ScienceHow Minds and Groups Make Religion and Superstition
Wednesdays3:00 p.m.MathematicsMath in the Movies
Thursdays11:00 a.m.PhilosophyReacting to the Past: Revolution in France, 1791
Thursdays11:00 a.m.SociologyGlobalization and the Exploitation of Children
Thursdays1:00 p.m.Biological SciencesThe Philosophy of Science and the Science of the Supernatural
Thursdays1:00 p.m.Education StudiesLearning How to Learn: The Science of Learning
Thursdays2:00 p.m.Theatre & DanceSpeak Up: My Authentic Voice
Thursdays4:00 p.m.AnthropologyGlobal Beauty
Fridays10:00 a.m.HistoryWhy Do Europeans Love and Hate America?
Fridays12:00 p.m.HistorySun, Sea, Sand & Sex: What Do Tourism and Tourists Really Do?
Fridays1:00 p.m.Cognitive ScienceKnowing: Brain, Mind and The Limits of Science
  Film StudiesBanned Films
  Film StudiesWhat Film Could Teach Us About Life
  MathematicsCalculus and the Art of Bicycle Racing
  Scripps Institution of OceanographyDrugs from the Sea, Fact or Fantasy?
  Warren CollegeVisualization of macromolecules and their interactions with drugs in 3D